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Deep Cleaning
5 Jan 21

Why you should deep clean

Ideally, you’d have been notified if your tenant has tested positive for COVID-19, but there are always exceptions. In any case, isn’t it possible a deep clean may become the new norm between tenancies in the post pandemic world?

At present, an end of lease or vacate clean still only needs to be to the standard outlined in the condition report. If, however you’ve had a COVID-19 infected tenant, or someone quarantining in the property, a deeper level of cleaning is essential for the protection of others and of course for peace of mind.  A deep clean occurs as an adjunct to the vacate clean, and most professional cleaning companies can respond accordingly to the deep clean request. It applies a process of disinfecting, in addition to surface cleaning, using antibacterial products and single use cleaning cloths and equipment. Reusable items such as mops, buckets and scrubbing brushes should be soaked in disinfectant for a number of hours before using again.

Carpets are best dealt with by a professional, again with the deep clean request specified so appropriate cleaning tools can be used. Curtains, rugs and floor mats should be washed on a hygiene cycle with an antibacterial washing detergent. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, hand sanitizer and social distancing measures should be implemented at property inspections. COVID-19 risk aside, a deep clean also addresses the layer of unknown microorganisms that may have accumulated thanks to the various lockdowns of 2020 in different states.

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