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2 Feb 21

Tips on Applying for Rental Properties

As many tenants (and Landlords) may be aware, there is currently a shortage of rental properties on the market across South Australia. Whilst it is hard to pinpoint the reason for this, we assume there are multiple contributing factors including:

  1. Many investors deciding to sell their investment properties

  2. Existing tenants opting to renew their leases rather than vacate

  3. Additional people searching for properties to move into

The lack of rental supply at the moment is significantly increasing the competition for all available rental properties. We have collated below some tips that we recommend to increase your chances when submitting your rental application.

Make sure you provide all the correct documentation.

An application with no documents is unable to be processed and will be put to the back of the pile. It is better to be over-prepared and provide as much information as possible. Make sure you have all the documents copied if you are providing them in person.

Documents include:

  • Two latest payslips / Income Documents

  • Identification (making sure it has not expired!)

  • Proof of address and other supporting documents

Complete your application in its entirety.

Make sure you don’t skip any information on the form and that you fill it out correctly. These details are cross checked and any missing information can result in your application being missed. This is especially important with your previous rental history or residential addresses.

Apply online (and prior to viewing if allowed)

We strongly recommend completing your application online and prior to viewing the property. By applying in advance, you may be notified of any private viewings before any advertised open inspections. Additionally, time permitting may allow us to view your application before the open, allowing it to be put forward to the Landlord in a more timely manner.

Get your partners/housemates into gear

Electronic application requires partners and housemates to complete their online application themselves. Make sure that everyone submits their application on time. Delays in doing so can cause you to miss out.

Come to the inspection

Make sure if you go to the effort of applying for a property, you attend the advised open time (or notify us that you are unable to attend). Show up on time, take a look through the property and advise the property manager of your interest on the way out.

If there is anything we can do to assist you or your family with their property management needs, please feel free to contact our office.

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