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8 Apr 19

Gardening for Renters

If you’re a renter with a green thumb you’ll understand the difficulty of growing a garden in a rental property. It seems near impossible to create a beautiful garden without losing your bond for making changes to the property. It is important to remember however that it is possible and can be a great experience if you do it correctly.

Before getting started we suggest talking to your landlord or property manager about your plan for a garden and see if they are open to the idea. In some cases your landlord will be understanding and may agree to a garden on the condition that it is taken care of properly and that any costs associated are your responsibility. If this is the outcome then you are free to grow your garden, however we suggest you still consider these ideas as you should keep in mind that moving is inevitable and when you do move you will be forced to part ways with your garden.

To prevent losing your garden when you move we suggest utilising pots. Pots are a renter’s best friend since they can constantly be moved. When buying pots ensure you consider what sizes you will need, have your plants picked out prior to buying to prevent purchasing anything unnecessary. Consider shape, square and rectangular pots save space as they are able to be easily pushed into a corner or up against a wall. Additionally the location of your pots is important for this reason, if you are currently renting a unit that does not have a back yard but instead has a balcony then space will be an important factor.

If you find yourself struggling to afford these additional items, get creative. Gardening can become expensive fast and because of this reason you should look for alternatives to pots. Going to your local thrift store and buying second-hand watering cans can be a great substitute, and growing fruit and vegetable plants in them can double that saving. Growing your favourite fruits and vegetables will mean less spending at the grocery store each week and encourage you to eat healthier.

Along with fruits and vegetables consider growing low maintenance plants that are native to the area and are low in water consumption. Research what others have documented on their growth in pots and if they typically thrive or wither. Investing in plants that possess these qualities will increase the chance of survival and reduce the upkeep needed to take care of them.

Growing a garden in a rental property may seem impractical with all of the obstacles associated, but following these tips can help make it possible. A garden can be a great way to make you feel more at home in a new rental and bring you piece of mind knowing when you do decide to move again you can take it with you.

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