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Award Winning Property Management
24 Aug 21

Award Winning Property Management

We’re very proud to have won many awards for our property management department over the years - but what does this mean for you?

Our latest awards put us amongst the top Property Management teams for South Australia for 2020 and 2021 - but again what does that mean for you? Quite simply it means that we have a track record of competence, and we have the procedures that work. We have spent time and money assembling a great team and providing the best resources for that team. We have the latest in computer systems that cover general management, maintenance, viewings/leasing, key control, data security, and inspections. 

Whilst this may seem logical not all agencies invest so heavily in this sort of IT. We do so because we want to make sure nothing is overlooked and that proper procedures are followed and good records are kept, as you never know when they will be needed.



We train regularly because we constantly review our procedures to make sure they don’t become outdated, and we follow changing legislation, so we are up to date. We also review market conditions and trends. We take it upon ourselves to be your expert in our patch.

We love to celebrate our awards, and we have won many for our company as well as individual awards for jobs well done, but we know our real challenge is in looking after our landlords and winning their praise. The awards are not to gloat about but to drive us towards future achievements and better service. Ultimately, it is our clients that benefit from this service, which is reflected by our referral network and highly reviewed service.

If you would like to talk with us about Property Management and our Property Management services just click here and we would love to help.

Our Awards

2019 - First National SA/NT Property Manager Rookie of the Year - Nathan Janda
2020 - First National SA/NT Top 4 'Magnificent 7' Property Manager of the Year - Nathan Janda
2020 - First National SA/NT 'Elite' Property Management Office of the Year
2021 - First National SA/NT Property Management Office of the Quarter (Q1 & Q2) 



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